About us

Our Mission

We are a social innovation hub, set in a conducive atmosphere,  that incorporates
E-learning,  Innovation Hub and Online Job Centre
for the knowledge and financial empowerment of our diverse group of users.

Our Vision

A go-to centre for all diverse fields of knowledge in digital format and entrepreneurship training in a fun filled and stress-free environment.



e-Learning has gradually become one of the most popular, cost effective and innovative ways of learning thanks to the internet. A student can be in Nigeria or any part of the world, and for a small fraction of the cost of tuition, have access to the same tutor and lessons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as students enrolled for the same course, even from the topmost Universities of the world. This makes the student be abreast with the latest trends in business and technology.

  • Beginner to advanced levels
  • Audio-visual format (viewed on our computers, projector and LCD Tvs)

  • Instructor led
  • Self-tutored (digital library)

  • Kids (Primary School)
  • Teenagers (Secondary School)
  • Adults (Graduates and Undergraduates of Higher institutions)


Innovation Hub:

Our innovation hub is a fun-filled and relaxed environment where people incubate their ideas, collaborate and learn from others to create programs and apps that are beneficial to the society and make money from such creations.

The Hub also has designated workspaces for our customers to bring along their laptops to work with as we provide wifi internet access, constant electricity supply and a cool environment.


Online Job Centre: 

We have access and information to various platforms where people can make money online and be paid in US Dollars. We would guide you and you would also have access to our computers and internet connection to make money online.

We hold seminars on online and offline entrepreneurship training as well as job placement training, search and registration.